Announcing new services to help revive financial lives in distress

At Rapsey Griffiths our mission has always been to work out the best solution for your clients who are facing financial difficulty. Traditionally we’ve offered Liquidations, Administrations, Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency agreements—the usual solutions for clients with substantial debts.

But in the past two years we’ve been receiving enquiries from people with financial issues involving smaller amounts that don’t warrant a formal Bankruptcy Appointment or liquidation.

We want to provide a full range of financial debt solutions for business and individuals—from large insolvencies to smaller financial issues and everything in between. That’s why we’ve partnered with Debt Rescue, who are specialists in the smaller dollar value insolvency space. By working with their team of dedicated professionals, we can provide the best possible outcome for your clients’ debt situation.

Through our affiliation with Debt Rescue, we can now offer services solutions such as:

Your referral relationship with us hasn’t changed. But if we think one of Debt Rescue’s services would be your client’s best option, we’ll introduce them to the Debt Rescue team who’ll review their options further.

Whether you have a client with financial difficulties or you’re facing them yourself, we can help. And we can now provide more options than ever before. So feel free to get in touch today, and together we’ll work out which path is the best option.