Whether you’re a bank, private equity firm, creditor or stakeholder, an independent business review can help you resolve a potentially tricky financial situation with a debtor. As well as giving you a clear picture of their business position, an IBR can also suggest next steps if any issues are identified.

What does an independent business review involve?

An independent business review involves taking a very comprehensive look at the business in question and its finances. The business’ management team need to participate in the process, but they may not be shown the final section of the report.

Following initial discussions about your concerns, we’ll look at everything from their current trading and financial position to their balance sheet, project and loss projections, strategies, plans, market and competition. We’ll then provide you with an assessment of the business’ strengths, capabilities and weaknesses.

If our report determines the debtor is high risk, we’ll advise on the appropriate level of support or restructure needed or on your most appropriate exit strategy. The independent review process typically takes about X weeks.

What are the benefits of an independent business review?

  • Gain an objective assessment of a debtor position
  • Resolve conflict and get reassurance
  • Receive expert advice on next steps


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