With a fresh set of eyes, our team can come into any situation with complete objectivity. We can analyse and see solutions that people too close to the business simply can’t see.

This objectivity is also a benefit when it comes to the many critical decisions that need to be made during the turnaround process. To stop a company going under, these decisions must be made quickly. This is why, enlisting the help of a turnaround specialist is so important.

What does business turnaround involve?

We follow a proven process in order to turnaround your business before it’s too late.

Step 1: Expert analysis of the situation

We begin on a fact-finding mission to see where the business currently sits; what the severity of the situation is.

Step 2: Possible management changes

We need to rectify the situation the business finds itself in. And change is only possible when the leadership is on board. Any leaders that are resistant may need to be replaced.

Step 3: Implementation of an action plan

The first act is to establish a positive cash flow, quickly. Then we outline a plan to restructure outstanding debt obligations, improve working capital management, reduce operating costs, improve budgeting practices, correct product line and customer mix pricing, prune product lines, and accelerate high-potential products.

Step 4: Restructure the business

Once the ship has been steadied, turnaround efforts are directed toward making the remaining business operations effective and efficient. The company must be restructured to increase profitability.

Stage 5: Return to normal

 In this last step, the business slowly returns to profitability. While earlier steps concentrate on correcting problems, the final stage focuses on institutionalising an emphasis on profitability and return on equity.

Specialist turnaround services 

As part of the turnaround process, we assess which of the following services are appropriate tools to turnaround your business.  

>> Safe harbour
Do you feel like your business needs some breathing space to financially recover? Accessing safe harbour might give you the time you need.

>> Crisis Management
Is your business in crisis? Are you unsure how to turn it around? We know that things can spiral out of control quickly and decisions need to be made even quicker – and we can confidently make these decisions for you.

>> Business Review
Do you feel like your business is in trouble, but you don’t know why? Understanding the ins and outs of why your business is struggling is key to knowing how to turn it around.

>> Interim CEO
Do you need to turnaround a business, quickly? Is there a lack of confidence in current management? Let us step in and steer your business out of crisis.

>> Financier Engagement
Is your business in crisis and do you need to renegotiate terms with your lender? Has your lender started non-payment proceedings? Talking with the bank or major funding partner when your business is in trouble can be intimidating, but we can help.

>> Shareholder dispute resolution
Is there a dispute among shareholders of your business that can’t be resolved? When tensions run high, these types of issues can be hard to work through. We can provide objectivity and clarity to efficiently diffuse the situation.

>> Debt re-financing
Need to refinance and having difficulty finding a lender? The reality is it can be hard to refinance when market conditions are working against you. That’s why we’re here to help you find alternative finance options.