Businesses that come to us are usually experiencing difficulties and are looking for help with debt refinancing to free up cash flow or their repayments. Often, these struggles are due to an increase in interest rates, a change in circumstance or a drop in sales.  In some instances, banks or lenders can label an industry as high risk and be unwilling to lend, even in an individual business isn’t itself high risk.

What does debt refinancing involve?

Debt refinancing essentially involves replacing or combining your existing loans and credit obligations into a single loan with better terms. It can cover everything from overdue supplier debt to outstanding ATO debt.

Instead of you having to find a lender willing to support you, we can do the leg work for you. This means finding the best deal or product available to reduce the interest rates you pay. We can also offer strategic advice on your current debt situation.

What are the benefits of debt refinancing?

  • More control and flexibility over your existing debt
  • Lower interest rates
  • More manageable payments
  • Improved cash flow
  • Free up your budget for other parts of your business


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