Shareholder disputes can arise for many reasons. Common ones include disagreements on operations or strategies when a business is performing poorly, inappropriate actions such as a breach of duties or fraud, and personal circumstances affecting the business, e.g. divorce.

Unfortunately, as long as a shareholder dispute continues, it continues to hurt your bottom line. That’s why bringing in an independent advisor and meditator can be critical. Importantly, shareholder disputes can be avoided if a shareholder agreement is in place.

What does shareholder dispute resolution involve?

When you engage us to help resolve a shareholder dispute, we’ll first carry out an independent review of the issue, your business and your finances. We’ll then be looking to find common ground so that we can agree on a compromise and resolve the dispute.

If a resolution isn’t possible, we’ll look to other options, such as a director resigning or buying or selling their share. As a last resort, depending on the businesses solvency we may suggest voluntary administration. 

What are the benefits of shareholder dispute resolution?

  • Get an objective view on the dispute
  • Resolve the issue swiftly
  • Keep the costs and consequences down
  • Understand next steps where resolution cannot be amicably achieved


Find out how shareholder disputes can be resolved.