Personal financial hardship can happen to anyone, at any time, and for a number of reasons.  It may be a sole trader whose business is underperforming, a mother whose lost her full-time job, a couple getting divorced or someone whose sickness doesn’t allow them to work. 

We aim to provide clear advice before developing strategies to obtain the best outcome for everyone who walks through our door. 

What to expect?

Step 1: Expert analysis of your situation

We begin on a fact-finding mission to understand your personal situation and review your current debt liabilities, assets and current and future income. 

Step 2: Development plan to manage debt

Once we understand your situation we will sit down with you and discuss the options available to resolve your unmanageable debt. Together we will decide the best plan moving forward for your situation. 

Step 3: Implementation of debt management plan

Based on the decision made in Step 2, we will work with you to implement your debt management plan. See the options below in Specialist Personal Insolvency Services below to see what your debt management plan may include

Step 4: Move forward to your future, free of unmanageable debt

Once the debt management plan has been completed, you will be free to move forward into your future. This could be debt free or it could be with a manageable payment plan in place, agreed to by your creditors. We can also discuss long-term strategies to avoid accruing unmanageable debt in the future. 

Specialist personal services

As part of the review of your personal circumstances, we will assess which of the following services are appropriate tools for your situation.