Debt restructuring is an informal process in which you and your creditors discuss your issues and agree on an amount that you can pay back. A good debt restructuring strategy will help minimise interest and penalties. It can also help you pay off your debt more quickly.

Getting a debt restructuring loan at a decent rate can be hard when you’re in financial distress. Some companies can take advantage of you and charge very high fees. That’s why we’re here to create a sound strategy and advocate on your behalf to ensure you get the best rates.

What does informal debt restructuring?

During your first consultation with us, we’ll discuss your current financial situation and the events that led up to your personal debt. We’ll then speak with creditors on your behalf to try and negotiate to reduce your debt or revise your repayment plan.

What are the benefits of informal debt restructuring?

  • More flexible/manageable payment schedule
  • Can help avoid bankruptcy
  • Better for creditors – they get paid some, rather than none
  • Usually less expensive than bankruptcy
  • Offers emotional relief



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