We have a wealth of experience being intermediaries for businesses in crisis, including those who are having difficulty meeting the terms of their loan/s. The good news is that it is possible to work through these difficulties – you just need the right approach.

What does financier engagement involve?

Our financier engagement service involves us speaking with your lender, such as your bank, on your behalf. During these discussions, we’ll work with them to develop an achievable plan to maintain your loan obligations, so that you can get your business out of crisis.

Open, honest and transparent communication is the key to riding through these types of situations. Rather than going in with a negotiation mindset, we approach our discussions with lenders as collaborative decision-making.

What are the benefits of financier engagement?

  • Get advice on what a lender can and can’t do
  • Secure better, more manageable terms
  • Avoid the stress of negotiation
  • Prevent legal proceedings progressing

Find out how our financier engagement service could help your business.

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